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Looking Back At The Good Ol Days Is a Comfort Right Now

Social Distancing …. An oxymoron if I ever heard one. As human beings, we were not created to act naturally to such a directive. It’s why we instinctively high five every willing fan within our reach after a touchdown, home run and / or goal. This action is the very essence of buying a round at your favorite local sports establishment while gathering with friends, family and of course strangers.

This has been a rough time for all of us. However, WE must remember that the greatest freedom of our country is “opportunity”. The opportunity to rebound and become stronger, better and closer. This too shall pass!!

While I have enjoyed watching there replay of Game 6 of that 1975 World Series between our beloved Sox and those Reds from Cincinnati, I need some new memories in the making.

How do the Red Sox move beyond last year’s cheating scandal? Are we going back to the late 70’s, speaking of rewinds, with the Yankees and Dodgerspresenting an all-star World Series. Ugh!! I can wait for that one.

What I can’t wait for is to see how Coach Bill does without the GOAT and vice versa. Arrggh…. This feels like I’m trapped in another body against my will. Do I end up like Maine comedian Bob Marley who appears to be losing it a bit in his daily Coronavirus videos?

We did get quite the treat with the replay of the 1993 University of Maine Black Bear National Title game. Greatest team ‘evah!!! Nothing can take away those third period memories of Kariya to Montgomery. What a weekend for these guys. Of course, it didn’t take long for Black Bear Nation to grab another NCCA Hockey Championship in 99 which was sweetened a bit as it was over UNH (University of No Hardware) in New Hampshire. Thank you to all who gave efforts to make this replay happen.

I’m sure you agree with the notion you can only watch these games so many times and yearn for tomorrow. What I have experienced is more appreciation for some of the talent in our past. C’mon … How about that outfield of Rice, Lynn and Evans? Roger Clemens and his efforts on the mound of Fenway. Cam Neely and Ray Bourgue to name just a couple Bruins.

Our current success of New England sports over the last decade and more really has helped with the healing of those days such as ’86 against the Mets. So many heartbreaks. Bucky “Freakin” Dent in 78!!! The Pats vs Bears Super Bowl … Seemed like the best we could do was be a bridesmaid.

The same grit that enabled us to stay New England fans all these years is that same grit which will guide us forward. Stay healthy … stay kind … Most of all, let’s stay together!!!

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