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It's Time To Tee It Up at Some Maine Courses

Let me say that if you, a family member, a friend or a coworker have been affected by COVID-19 I truly hope that the battle was short and the outcome has been positive.

Theres not much I can say that hasn’t already been said about this horrible pandemic that has taken over our world.

I have a couple of friends here locally who indeed have been infected by the Coronavirus. One was hospitalized. Mercifully both have recovered.

We are very fortunate in eastern and northern Maine to not have been greatly affected as badly as our neighbors and friends in Cumberland and York Counties.

I give credit to our state lawmakers and I am largely proud of the way our state government and Maine residents have handled this once in a lifetime crisis.

Having said all of this, as the weather turns here, it is time to open some things back up. I’m not suggesting we are ready to attend concerts and ball games. And we are not ready for mass gatherings.

I am suggesting golf courses should open immediately.

It is time to be outside doing things. As of Monday morning the CDC reports 440 active cases in the state of Maine. Those are overwhelmingly in the southern part of the state. A significant number are inside of nursing homes and facilities.

While it does not seem prudent to change the protocol south of Augusta, here in the northern six or seven counties it’s time to take a step back towards normalcy.

We can make golf safe. Walk only unless you truly need a cart. Workers can sanitize them after use. No rental equipment. Credit Card transactions only, maybe even on the phone.

We can do this. And it's time. Fore!

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