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The greatest season in the history of college hockey has been in the news quite a bit these days… As it should be. In fact the Maine-Lake Superior State 1993 title game was just shown again on local TV this past weekend.

U-Maine going 42-1-2 is something that was unprecedented and will not be repeated (in my humble opinion).

So many ‘stars’ were born that season, or at the very least became household names. Paul Kariya and Jim Montgomery were obviously the big ones. But that was also the coronation of Shawn Walsh as a coaching King, of Grant Standbrook as the greatest recruiter in the country, Mike Dunham and Garth Snow as future NHL goalies, Cal Ingraham as a local folk hero, and the Ferraro twins (Chris & Peter) who helped give the team movie star status.

It’s been a constant struggle to return to the feeling that our state had following the teams first national championship. Yes there was another, but not quite like that.

It’s funny, even though it’s been 27 years since that unprecedented run, it seems as though, every year brings renewed optimism that the Alfond could be magical like that again.

in 1992, the very first practice of that season, fans packed the stands. To watch a practice. They thought the year prior could have meant a title. Maine was upset. They still sensed greatness. Maybe not the 42-1-2 part, but this college hockey team was going to be the equivalent of the Duke basketball team when they had Christian Laettner and Bobby Hurley and Grant Hill.

They were kids, but they were rock stars. And there has never been a greater collection of college hockey players sharing the ice at the same time.

It was special. And it will never be repeated again. Which is why it should be celebrated, every single year.

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