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Let's Predict What Might Have Been

So before we all lived in a world drenched in sanitizer we used to enjoy sporting events.

Heck, that’s what we used to binge watch before we became obsessed with Netflix, Hulu and Youtube.

I’m old enough to remember when Oklahoma was known for a college football team more than a mullet sporting, tiger riding whacko. There was a day, way back, when “The Virus” was a cool nickname. (John Malkovich in Con Air)

So long ago.

I vaguely recall cheering for a team called the Red Stockings or something like that. I also seem to recollect brown bears on ice chasing a coveted Cup and another Boston team named after tiny green men. Bizarre. That all can’t be true can it? Maybe I have inhaled too much Lysol in recent weeks.

Let's see if we can imagine what might have been if these things really did exist.

The Bruins would be battling in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. I guess a Cup half full view might be that the B’s have 100 points. That’s the most in the league and I believe that if the season is indeed over, the Bruins are the Stanley Cup Champs. Cool But still it's our loss not seeing this potentially amazing playoff run.

This Wednesday would have been the Celtics final regular season game. Brad’s boys were third in the Eastern Conference and had the fifth most wins in the league. But alas another banner wasn't coming the Garden. Danny Ainge sitting on his hands at the trade deadline again doesn’t look all bad right now as most likely the C’s were most likely the conference runner ups again.

The Red Sox would be around the 20 games played mark. I suspect they would be at .500 and probably five behind the Yankees in the east. But man I’d quickly cancel my Netflix subscription to be able to watch some live baseball right about now. There's something about watching the Sox this time of year that thaws my frozen soul.

But I guess I need to "let it go."

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