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Fourth and Goal With The Bam

Things are just ticking me off this week.

So 92.9FM The Ticket decided it would be a good idea to create a Mount Rushmore of local high school sports figures.

At it's core, this is silly and it's absolutely disingenuous to single out a certain few from the literally hundreds of athletes, coaches and administrators who make high school sports awesome.

Mount Rushmore has just four heads. To pick only four people from these schools is totally unfair. My school, MDI, was recently featured. Total sham. Longtime MDI Athletic Director Bernard Paradywas not included on the Trojans Rushmore? Seriously? If you have the gym at your school named after you, you are one of the greatest of all time.

How about Jay Ramsdell, former CBA Commissioner and MDI grad? Nope. Sports Chowdah president, CEO and founder Jeff Solari? Screwed out of this. What is the point of having one of these polls if egregious omissions like this are going to occur?

How can this be? What exactly was the criteria here? Solari was a captain on the first Trojan baseball team to ever win a playoff game. They finished as Eastern Maine runner ups. He called dozens of MDI sporting events on local radio stations.

In Bangor he was the best sports talk host Bangor has ever had including the current crew at 92.9. He did sports on channel 2. He is now running a thriving sports themed email newsletter. (And yes he owes me a raise after all this) Solari is among the most famous and successful Trojans of all time! It's among the largest injustices in all of sports that he isn't on the Rushmore of MDI athletics. Booooo 92.9FM! Clueless. Or jealous? Here's to ALL the Trojans past and present that have worn the green and gold.

Other stuff:

Good ole Mother Nature appears to have given Governor Janet Mills a pass. Her knee jerk, outrageous decision to close all public golf courses in Maine was unwarranted and unnecessary. A foot of snow later and I guess it's a moot poi t other than the principal of the whole thing.

Congrats to UMaine goalie Jermey Swayman on being named the Mike Richter Award winner as the best Goalie in college hockey for this season. Should have also won the Hobey Baker Award, but we can't be greedy I guess.

ESPN did a great job of embarrassing themselves and insulting the entire community of college hockey however. The very prestigious Hobey Baker Award winner was announced way late on an 11pm Eastern SportsCenter, which by itself is outrageous, but then they further embarrassed themselves, by burying the announcement behind 10 minutes of NBA players playing video games against each other.

ESPN thinks video game simulation of NBA games is more important than a prestigious college award. There are literally no real sports, outside of horse racing, going on right now. I guess this could go on the Mount Rushmore of most egregious ESPN decisions of all time, right next to hiring Booger McFarland to do Monday Night Football.

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