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Gronk is a WWE Champ!? Oh My!

Not a typo, Rob Gronkowski, in his first real work in WWE, won a championship at WrestleMania 36.

Gronk’s role as host included about 5 total minutes of screen time in the 2-night, roughly 6.5 hour broadcast.

The title Gronk won? Something called the 24/7 championship, where it can be won or lost at anytime and is generally held by mid-card talents and special guests.

A group of wrestlers were brawling beneath the balcony that Gronk was posted up on for the weekend, and like Wayne & Garth at an Aerosmith concert, Gronk dove into the crowd of 10, found his buddy Mojo Rawley (current title holder) pinned him and ran out the door.

Pro wrestling fans are generally very cynical, they hate everything first and hope they get pleasantly surprised. The feeling amongst many WWE fans is that Gronk is going to be a train wreck. There’s always been hard feelings amongst diehard wrestling fans for football players and I’m not quite sure why, most pro wrestlers have a football background. But WWE is going to have to be very careful how they use Gronk going forward, if they throw him out there and try to shove him down the fans throats, this won’t work.

I hope I’m wrong and Gronk goes on to have a long and successful career. My cynicism has more to do with lack of faith in WWE than Gronkowski as an on screen personality.

24/7 champion Rob Gronkowski that is.

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