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Fourth and Goal with THE BAM

As you are keenly aware, the awful Corona Virus has taken over this country. The economic impact of this is so large, and getting larger daily, that it may never actually be quantified.

Revenue lost by individual cities that host major sports franchises is mounting daily. Bars, restaurants and hotels in these cities are being devastated.

It's like playing professional home games overseas and cheating these cities, except this time it's not actually the fault of the idiotic Commissioners. Host cities for March Madness, once poised for a major windfall, now sit idle.

The arrival of this virus was pretty obvious. There were tons of signs out there, but the Houston Astros stole them, so here we are. (Ok- come on we have to have a little humor to get through this.)

The buzzword now is to enact social distancing in order to flatten the curve. Well, I don't like people in general, so that's not an issue. And to flatten the curve, why not just put the Patriots in charge of that? If nothing else they will at least deflate the curve a little bit. (More humor)

Thanks to the rippling effects of the Corona virus, Aaron Judge is now on pace to have the least amount of strikeouts in a season of his career. :)

All jokes aside, this virus is serious. In 53 years I have never seen multiple professional leagues just shutter operations virtually overnight. I feel absolutely horrible for college athletes involved in spring sports. To have the rug pulled out from under you before your season even really got going it just terrible. Thankfully , they are being given the option of a do over and can return next year if they choose.

For me personally, as a Department Of Defense employee, I am now under a travel restriction. My travel usually involves sporting events, so it's not really a hinderance, but the mere fact that I am restricted to a very limited range is a weird feeling.

I had a huge trip planned for next week. Sunny San Diego. College baseball. Padres games. AHL Hockey. Whale watching. But my trip was was among the first major events to be cancelled due to this pandemic.

We are in uncharted waters right now. When in doubt, air on the side of caution. Make personal sacrifices for the greater good. The quicker our society becomes less selfish, the quicker we can get back to baseball on the field, toilet paper on the shelves and not walking on egg shells everywhere we go.

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