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He's Leaving. But I Still Love Him.

I bet I’ve been asked almost every day for two months about my thoughts on the future of Tom Brady. And I have told everybody pretty much the same answer: “I think he will return to New England. BUT there is a serious threat he might leave.”

I have told everyone in person, in blogs and on WABI TV 5 News, that it’s 50/50 between the Pats and other teams. And those of you who don’t believe me are crazy.

But I have toSol admit as the news broke today that TB 12 has called his last play in New England, I found myself legitimately shocked, stunned, and truthfully quite sad.

That’s a full range of emotions but anger is not one of them. I will be forever grateful for the pleasure and joy Brady has brought to my life the past two decades. Sports plays a major role in my life not only as a fan, but for much of my adult life I’ve drawn a paycheck reporting on or talking about sports.

And it truly has been a blessing to have been alive to witness the Tom Brady era of the New England Patriots. Seeing him in a uniform with no flying Elvis on the helmet next year will be surreal and perhaps even emotionally devastating for a bit.

Where will he go? Well I’ve told most people I think it’s the LA Chargers. It does appear today Tampa might be a front runner. Either way we will find out on Wednesday most likely.

Wherever it is I guarantee you I will get myself some tickets to a game and see Tom play their next year. And I will cheer for him as I cheer for the Patriots. To me they always will be one in the same.

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