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I am Crossing the 50 Yard Line

So… this is the last Sports Chowdah that will publish before I hit a rather significant birthday. I can’t bring myself to write the actual number. But I will say that the first number of my age will no longer be a tribute to Bobby Orr but rather Kevin Garnett.

It at least makes me smile to remember when Tom Brady became the first quarterback to throw my upcoming age in touchdowns in a single season. Or when Big Papi blasted my soon to be age plus 4 homers in 2006, the most ever by a Sox player.

Paul Kariya scored exactly this number of goals in 1996, which leads me to my glass half full approach to being within 25 years of the average life expectancy of a male in Maine.

In terms of sports, I am more than content with everything I have experienced as a fan, which includes covering the afore mentioned Hobey Baker winner and the 42-1-2 UMaine hockey team of 1992-1993.

I have been alive during the best era of New England sports. Unlike my poor dad, I have lived to see “The Curse” reversed in ’04 and the Pats win their first Superbowl.

Well, technically I’ve seen four World Series wins and six Super Bowl victories which proves my point of being able to pass on from this sports world quite content. Especially when you consider a 28-3 comeback and the Malcom Butler interception. And while I cannot claim to have seen every TB 12 game, I have indeed tuned in way more often than not to see the greatest quarterback of all time.

I grew up watching Larry Bird and the 85-86 Celtics, one of the best NBA teams of all time.

Oddly enough I have always been a UNLV fan and enjoyed every minute of their title run in 91. That group of Rebels was one of the best college basketball teams ever. Even if they might have been paid a bit here and there.

I also had some great seats in 2002 when the Oklahoma Sooners went unbeaten and claimed the national FBS crown. I was on hand at a Final Four which featured Duke but was won by UConn.

I’ve seen my MDI Trojans win their first ever Gold Ball in boys basketball and called the first MDI girls state championship in ’97 on the radio. Speaking of radio, I also got to do the play by play for UMaine Women’s basketball one and only NCAA tourney win in ’99.

Heck I even enjoyed the Bruins first Stanley cup in nearly 40 years in 2011.

These are just a fraction of my sports memories so what ever happens from here is icing on my sports birthday cake. A cake that has the exact number of candles as the uniform number formerly worn by Mookie Betts, Mike Vrabel and Greg Kite.

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