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Tourney Pondering....

The Maine High School Basketball Tournament week just finished up and we now steer towards that early spring promised by ol' Pux Phil.

For the first time in years, I had no immediate personal connection with any of the teams other than my alma mater in Central / Corinth. By the way, kudos to those Red Devils as they gave everything against a great Dexter boys team who is now playing for that gold ball.

I could write about the usual spectator behavior, the price of food or even the new security setup, which honestly was not all that much of an intrusion.

However, with the angst in our country today due to the upcoming elections, I thought we would keep things simple and sweet.

Speaking of sweet, how about that Washington Academy sophomore, Noah Carver, and his rendition of the national anthem. Dude can sing! If you missed it, check out the action on Youtube. The description of the video states “He didn’t just sing, but SANG it”. Right on.

There were some really great games and strong teams throughout all of the sessions. As I spent many sessions watching, I can attest as to how comfy the CIC in Bangor is to just sit back, relax and watch these kids pour their hearts and souls out on the floor. The boys from Easton made a good run in Class D, but Machiaswas just a bit better at being Cinderella.

Caribou: Not really much to say that hasn’t already been said. If you missed watching them, probably one of the better teams all around in any class this year.

As mentioned before, the Dexter boys made sure they kept the crowd in their games with each nail biting victory.

On the girls side, those Lady Mariners gave another shot at Southern Aroostook, but the cream rose to the top. I’m not sure how to describe Waterville and Hermongirls in their Class B final. It was downright scary close to a football game at times.

Finally, I want to give a special thanks to the men and women who served the front line of security. There are a few airports in the country that could learn from their best practices.

However, there was nothing more special than when I arrived a bit late for one session. After getting my ticket, I came back into the area where you enter to only find solitude and attentiveness. Every member of the security team stopped and put their hand over their hearts for the playing of our national anthem. Matter of fact, it was so powerful that many patrons, including children, stopped to do the same.

What a great scene and a great lesson.

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