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It's not just Snickers that I find satisfying

Fill-in the blank: This winter season has been ______________.

My word? Unsatisfying.

Your word may be different than mine, depending on your opinion of winter. To me, winter in Maine is all about snow. Ample snowfall for skiers, snowmobilers, snow-shoe types and the like. Yet so far, our winter of 2019-2020 has been quite wimpy when it comes to snowfall…..that is….depending on where you happen to be taking measurements.

In the greater Bangor region, we’ve only shoveled a measly 40” of the white stuff, which is well below normal. On the other hand, folks in the County have been reveling amidst their towering snowbanks. For example, Caribou has more than doubled Bangor’s total, with a whopping 97” thus far. So if you’re not a fan of snow, your “fill-in the blank” word likely differs from mine.

Let’s do this again. Fill-in the blank: the Celtic’s season has been _____________.

My word? Satisfying, particularly compared to last season.

Remember the beleaguered C’s of 2018-2019? Seems to me despite the exuberant fanfare surrounding the arrival of Kyrie months earlier, Mr. Irving produced a sour trickle-down effect upon his teammates which inevitably doomed their productivity.

Want some numbers? I’ve got your numbers.

With an absent Kyrie this year, numbers are way up. With new arrival Kemba Walker averaging 21 ppg, Gordon Hayward has rallied from last year’s disappointing season, raising his ppg from 11 to 18. Former Dukie Tatum has turned heads this year, transforming last season’s 15ppg to 22 ppg. Jaylon Brown’s ppg game has swelled from 13 to 20. And perhaps most pleasing, there’s very little of the “iso” ball too often witnessed last year, with Kyrie ignoring his teammates in favor of attempting another whirling-dervish drive to the hoop.

Yeah, I know, Kyrie’s exploits were amazing at times. But as for me, I’m glad he’s riding the pine in Brooklyn, dealing with yet another in a long line of injuries.

Will the end result of the Celtic’s season be satisfying? Who knows. Lots of strong teams out there this year. But for now, I’m just going to sit back and enjoy this year’s satisfying Celtics.

And seriously, it’s only the end of February. Winter is long from being over. Perhaps our current winter season will transition to the satisfying category after all.

Snow, anyone?

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