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My Wish List For The Next Decade

As 2019 continues to fade to black in our rear-view mirrors, some of us mourn the loss of what was in the decade now past, while others are content to say adios to the past ten years. Time for a fresh start!

As for yours truly, the past ten years treated the McKay gang favorably, yet we have been intentionally adopting a spirit of thankfulness for the past, while also looking forward to the next ten years.

Whilst contemplating the new decade we’ve just launched ourselves into recently, I couldn’t help but ponder what may come our way in the coming decade, which then morphed into a sort of “wish-list.” What would I like to see happen in the next ten years?

Here’s a peek at some of what was meandering around in my noggin:

*Lower ticket prices for the Celts, Pats, and Bruins so more families can actually attend games. Prioritize kids instead of business big-wigs.

*Earlier start times for playoff games so kids (and early-to-bed curmudgeons like myself) can actually watch the games. Whistling the start of playoff games (particularly MLB and NBA) at 8 or 9 at night? Lame.

*Less pounding on your own chest when you slam a dunk, score a TD, or whistle a puck into the net, and more pounding the chest of the teammate who zipped you the pass, or opened a hole for you by blocking a burly ‘backer.

*Less words shouted at game officials by embarrassing parents; more words of support and encouragement aimed at the players (and yeah, even players on the “other” team.)

*Less family time invested in multi-travel team travel, more time spent sliding or tobogganing down a local hill.

*Tons of winter snow for Hermon Mountain.

*Zero winter ice. Snow? Yes. Ice? No thank you.

*Dry spring seasons for local golf courses, with just enough rain at night to water my neighbor’s garden.

*Fewer bucks spent on baseball salaries, more denarii spent on developing youth sports and stadiums.

*More multi-sport high school athletes, less specialization.

And finally,

*Less slices and hooks launched from my driver. Hmm…maybe I should go to a 3 wood?

Yes, I know…you may believe my hopes and dreams to be the fantasies of a dude entering his 6th decade. But you can’t blame a guy for dreamin’, can you?

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