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Here's One Team That Just Might Steal TB 12

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Jeff's Take on WABI TV 5 News.

If you’re like me, you’re keeping a close eye on the Tom Brady free agency rumors. And man there are a ton of them. I don’t believe most of what I hear, but there IS a team out there that I think could steal our guy when free agency starts in mid March.

According to Draft Kings, their odds have New England as having the best shot at keeping TB 12. I agree. But I truly fear the LA Chargers. They are a legit threat.

The Chargers have pretty much parted ways with Philip Rivers, who has packed up and moved to Florida. So the job is open.

They are moving into their new amazing 70,000 seat stadium. They need fans to fill the seats.

They have money to spend. They have some talent on the roster.

Plus it’s warm. Games and practices in the sun could appeal to Tom.

Giselle is likely more at home in Hollywood than Beantown.

Not to mention for Brady it’s a great market to further the TB 12 health brand. Plus remember Brady is from California.

There are many other rumors. Tom and the family were reportedly looking at schools in Nashville this week. Some say he may end up with an ownership stake in the Dolphins. Peter King of NBC sports says Tampa is a sleeper choice. I’ve heard the Colts too. Ugh.

Brady also chatted with the Raiders owner recently at a UFC fight and reportedly Tom and Giselle just bought some land near Vegas. The Raiders also have a new stadium to fill.

Look this is new for us. The idea that the greatest of all time might dump New England for someone else is unsettling to say the least.

Hopefully Brady will stay. I can’t imagine Robert Kraft letting him walk.

But we can’t ignore the fact there are other legit opportunities out there and he just might retire somewhere else.

Stay tuned.

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