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A Sterling Moment: Superbowl Thoughts and More

The most important thing we learned Sunday night was the context of Tom Brady's cryptic picture he tweeted out last week. It wasn't an homage to Kobe, it wasn't him walking out of Gillette and never coming back. In fact, Brady looks directly into the camera and said "Me? I'm not going anywhere." ANYWHERE! HE'S STAYING RIGHT WHERE HE IS! Ian Rapoport reported that the Patriots would spend $30million to sign Tom Brady. That leaves some questions, but I have to say, I'm feeling pretty good right now. I'm not going to read too much into anything, but I'm gonna read what I want into Tommy's Hulu commercial.

Patrick Mahomes became the youngest Super Bowl winning QB and MVP. I'll say this, I think Damien Williams was the MVP. Mahomes threw two touchdowns and two picks. Williams caught a TD and rushed for the clinching TD. Now all of the pressure is on Mahomes, his career just became way more interesting than it already was. If you were to be forced to pick a number of Lombardi's that Mahomes will win, what number would you pick? I'll set the over/under is 3.5. Could he become the 4th QB to win four? Very possible, he's the youngest QB to win a Super Bowl/MVP since Tom Brady. (He's 46 days younger than Brady was in 2002.)

You have to feel good for Andy Reid. In golf there is a phenomenon called "Best Player to Never Have Won a Major", it's a dubious distinction to say the least and a crown no one wants to wear. Andy Reid had such a moniker in the NFL, "Best Coach to NOT Win a Super Bowl". That can be laid to rest and he'll almost assuredly get into Canton now. Although, on which ballot is anybody guess. (How did Richard Seymour not get in?)

I was with Mike DeVito when the announcement was made Saturday night and I found that I was trying to explain why Atwater, Bruce, Polamalu, Hutchinson and James got in but Seymour did not. And you know what I realized? It doesn't make sense. They put in one offensive lineman a year like there is a limit, so Alan Faneca and Tony Boselli will have to duke it out again next year to see which token tackle makes it. Seymour just has to wait until there isn't a Colt on the ballot before he gets in. Oh wait, Reggie Wayne AND Peyton Manning will be up for enshrinement next year. If Seymour becomes the next Steve Atwater and has to wait a decade to get in, I'm going to go Milton Wadams on the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Though, I'm happy for Steve Atwater, long overdue.

Andy Reid shook one label on Sunday night, but Kyle Shanahan may have picked up a furry critter that he can backpack around and I'm not referring to Baby Yoda. I think Young Kyle (he of the postage stamp sized logo upon his hat) may have a bit of a monkey on his back. As soon as the Chiefs started their came back (which didn't start until after the first member of our Super Bowl party left with the immortal parting words "This one's over") Twitter was aglow with taunts that Shanahan was blowing another double-digit 4th quarter lead in the Super Bowl. Though this was his first as a head coach, most place the blame for 28-3 at his feet for bad play calling, especially after the Julio Jones catch. (I might watch that game after I finishing writing this, I'm jetlagged from watching a Super Bowl not featuring the Patriots. It's like the first time you spend Christmas away from home, it takes some adjustment because it doesn't quite feel the same.)

The Bill Murray-Jeep commercial was the best. I'd watch a remake of Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray and a live ground hog. That's a live action movie even Disney couldn't screw up.


And by the way, the big winner this weekend? Bill Belichick! The Coach showed up at Gronk's Beach Party, which might have been the biggest upset since Buster Douglas and then when the camera cut to him on the field pregame last night, he flashed just 3 of his Super Bowl rings.

And from the looks of the tape, due to size, I'd say he only wore one of his giant New England rings and his two comparatively small Giants rings. Baller move by Belichick, just letting everybody know that the trophy may be named for Lombardi, the Super Bowl ring might as well be named for him.

Wait, that's not a bad idea. That's a cause I might try to start: the Super Bowl ring should be all be called Belichick Rings. Helluva ring to it. Okay, I'm over tired. Wait, I've got one more bullet left.

Sharika & J-Lo. Most years I hate the half time show and then look at Twitter and everybody thinks it's the greatest, most important performance we've seen since last Sunday's Grammy awards. This year, I get it. They were fantastic, not sure who the dude dressed like the Tin Man was, or the fella wearing glasses from wood shop, but Shakira & J-Lo, as the Old Man would say "That's a helluva pair to draw to."

XFL starts Saturday. Football never sleeps.

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