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No Rocket in Cooperstown? The Just Bulldoze the Whole Thing

Another year, another sham of a vote for the Baseball Hall of Fame. The selection process is woefully broken. A bunch of old sports writers get to decide who is worthy and who isn't. No radio or TV people are allowed to vote. No internet bloggers. Just the same group of sports writers.

Personal bias is a heavy influencer clearly. Derek Jeter is a top 3 shortstop of this generation. Not freaking debatable. But one writer left him totally off the ballot. For that clown to not vote for Jeter to the Hall of Fame is the most egregious form of ignorance and incompetence I can possibly imagine.

Add to this travesty the greatest pitcher of ALL TIME, Roger Clemens continues to get shafted on every level. Thank you to the 60% of voters who see greatness and attempt to do the right thing. How the Hall of Fame can continue to use the term "Fame" without the greatest of the greats enshrined is beyond me.

The numbers don't lie and they aren't hard to look up. In the time it takes Alex Cora to review video of a catchers signal, you can find out Clemens has 7 Cy Young Awards.

In the time it takes Jose Altuve to have the buzzer on his shoulder go off indicating a slider, you can research Roger’s 4672 strikeouts.

The most important stat for a pitcher, in my opinion, is WHIP. For you neophytes out there, WHIP walks and hits, divided by innings pitched. Over a 24 year career, a quarter of a damn century, Roger Clemens had a WHIP of 1.17. That means he allowed just over 1 hit and/or a walk per inning for 24 YEARS!

How many pitchers can you name that have been named the MVP of the entire league? Roger Clemens is on that short list. It's just mind numbing that a guy who also had 354 wins is considered by 40% of the morons voting, not worthy of enshrinement.

Now, I know there are a bunch of you out there already screaming about cheating and steroids. To you I say, in my best Archie Bunker voice, "stifle yourself will ya"!

There is zero, none, NO evidence anywhere to be found that Roger Clemens cheated or did steroids. None. So give that garbage a rest. Unless you have a confession, or some other concrete evidence that has never been discovered before, save that junk for some who cares.

Roger Clemens is simply the greatest pitcher of all time and if he's not in the Hall of Fame, they shouldn't have one.

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