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Kobe's Death Shows Us There's Not Always Time

I bought the book a year ago. It was one of those bargains where you’re pretty sure the item has been mislabeled, but it wasn’t so I bought two.

I was familiar with the author, Roland Lazenby, he’d written the most complete book about Michael Jordan that I’d ever read. This book had such a similar cover to the Jordan book that it could have been a sequel.

It featured just a simple black background which allowed the full color image of the subject to leap off the page, almost like a literal spotlight shining down on the star of the show.

The subject, like the publication, could almost be considered a sequel to Michael Jordan. This book was called Showboat: The Life of Kobe Bryant.

Showboat has rested on my shelf, unread for a year. What’s the hurry? I enjoy reading biographies, but I’m always searching for the most definitive tomes, I mean what good is a book about someone if the story hasn’t played itself out yet?

Ian O’Connor wrote a tremendous book about Bill Belichick two years ago, but since its release Belichick has won another Super Bowl and his team is now at perhaps its greatest cross roads.

I assumed, that even though Showboat had come out after Kobe had retired in 2016 and spanned his entire NBA career that the book was already incomplete.

There was so much happening in Kobe’s life that the book, like a week old paper, was already old news. I mean hell, since the book had been released Kobe Bryant had already won an Oscar. AN OSCAR! Previously the only Oscar in the NBA played for the Bucks. Kobe hadn’t even scratched the surface of his aspirations and ambitions.

There is almost no context for comparison for the shocking ending to Kobe Bryant’s life. Just writing these words doesn’t feel real. Kobe was going to do great things. He might buy the Lakers, or he might become the president of a movie studio.

You watched him sit courtside with his daughter and you could easily imagine him becoming a coach. Maybe he and his daughters would revolutionize the women’s game: father as the coach and Gianna as his star. Both father and daughter were poised for big things.

Sunday night, NBA teams took 24 second clock violations to honor Kobe Bryant’s memory.

I will read Lazenby’s Kobe book this week, because after a year of thinking there will always be time, Kobe’s passing reminds us that there isn’t always more time.

My heart goes out to Vanessa Bryant and their 3 children.

Rest in peace Kobe and Gianna Bryant.

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