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Hall of Fame Voters are Crazy

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Jeff's Take on WABI TV 5 News.

It doesn’t make much sense to have a donut shop that doesn’t sell donuts. Or an amusement park without rides. Or a Hall of Fame without, you know, famous people.

Thanks to the old stodgy guys who take part in an outdated voting method, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds were not elected to the baseball Hall of Fame again this year.

Just ridiculous.

Oh but wait, it gets even sillier. To go along with Derek Jeter, who obviously is a Hall of famer, the cranky baseball writers decided to enshrine Larry Walker this coming summer.

Larry Walker?? I bet if I put him in a lineup with 5 local plumbers you couldn’t pick him out.

He was a good player. He did hit .313 for his career and won an MVP. But he had only 383 home runs and averaged just 77 RBI’s a year. He made the All Star team only 5 times!

And he played in Colorado for 10 years! Theres no steroid you can take that gives you the amazing benefits of hitting in that thin air.

Sox fans - you should be wicked mad at Walker getting in because you know who had better numbers? Dwight Evans. But he’s not in the Hall of Fame. Just sad.

Look- just ask yourself this: who was a better player? Larry Walker or Barry Bonds.

Who was a better pitcher? Jack Morris or Roger Clemens? The answers are so easy! But not according to baseball Hall of Fame voters.

On the other hand the Football Hall of Fame is the opposite. They are the hall of “pretty darn good.”

In fact there’s a decent shot that average Eli Manning, who just retired, could get in.

Oh my. Eli does not have a winning record. His quarterback rating is just 84. He threw a whopping 244 interceptions, never had a vote for league MVP, and got benched early in his last season. Eli is not Hall of Fame worthy at all.

This Jeff’s Take on the other hand? Hall of Fame worthy.

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