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Tek Should Be The Next Manager of the Red Sox

January 13, 2020. 3:14pm. The Astros announce that they are firing their general manager and their regular manager. I posted on Facebook:

“The Red Sox are going to fire Alex Cora. Who do YOU replace him with? Varitek?”

Then, to my surprise, there hasn’t been a conversation about who the next Red Sox manager would be without the beloved catcher being involved. It has gone so far that Las Vegas has him listed as the favorite. I have started this movement and I couldn’t be more proud.

Jason Varitek should be the next manager of the Boston Red Sox. I do not, give one, single, solitary, damn that he hasn’t managed before. You know who else has never managed before they became a big league manager?

Dave Roberts- Dodgers (won two out of the last 3 NL Pennants)

Aaron Boone- Yankees (back to back playoff runs, ALCS last season)

Dave Martinez- Nationals (won World Series in second season)

That’s just the tip of the ice berg, the hottest managerial candidate this year? David Ross. Guess what he’s never done before. Managed. The Chicago Cubs are willing to take a chance on him and pundits are pretty unanimous that he’s going to be great.

Kevin Cash made the Rays a winner, zero experience.

Craig Counsell took the Brewers the brink of the pennant two years ago.

Rocco Baldelli made the Twins a wagon in 2019, his first season in Minnesota.

You can’t say that a manager has to have experience to get the job. Do you want to hire Dusty Baker? Is that something you’re interested in? I think you have a better chance with a managerial candidate you think can do a good job than someone who has failed other places and you convince yourself that they were just the wrong situation for them.

It’s like asking the girl out, who is sort of a nightmare and has an awful relationship history, but you decide that they were all the other person’s fault and it’ll work with you. Guess what? It won’t work and she will ruin your life.

Think of it this way, the last time the Red Sox hired a manager who had lots of experience and could help get the club on the right track, they hired Bobby Valentine. So would you rather go with a mediocre pick to save face or take a chance on someone who:

  1. The fans will love

  2. The players will immediately respect

  3. Has a better than average chance to be really good

Varitek is a baseball guy. How many times was he called a manager on the field when he played? Varitek retired almost 10 years ago. Is that not long enough? If not now, when?

Plus, catchers make great managers.

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