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Not High on Tek As The Next Sox Manager

You won’t find many Red Sox fans walking this planet that don’t love Jason Varitek. He’s deservedly one of the most popular Sox players in history.

Without Tek theres no 2004 title. No mitt in A-Rods pompous face. No comeback. And really you have to love a catcher that jumps into the pitchers arms after the last out of the series, as Jason did in 04. Keith Foulke’s back has never been the same.

Varitek wore the C when the Sox won again in 2007. He is one of only two others to call four no hitters. Just about every pitcher showers him with praise including Curt Schilling when he was here in Bangor at our Cookout with Curt last year.

Tek may have retired after the 2011 season, but his name was on everyones mind Saturday at the Red Sox Winter Fan Meetings. While the Sox top brass was on stage answering fan questions, the crowd began chanting for Tek to be the man to replace Alex “The Cheater” Cora.

Social media is full of fans clamoring for the same thing.

I get it. But you all are just proving that you are Sox Fans, which is code for Sox Fanatic. Because he should not and will not be the next manager. He’s just not ready.

He’s a special assistant to the Sox now. That’s one of those gigs that probably means Jason doesn’t even know what his exact responsibilities are. He has not coached or managed at any level.

I will concede that Cora got the managerial job with no real experience and won a World Series. But look at what we got in year two with that sign stealing bandit. The team never contended and now he’s facing a long suspension.

As one of the premier franchises in baseball, John Henry and the boys should be able to find a guy that’s a great fit and comes with some valuable experience already on his resume.

It is true that winning with Boston is not as hard as other winning in some other places. Big payroll. Great fan support. Amazing front office analytics and scouting. But of course theres immense pressure to perform with little media and fan forgiveness.

Jason Varitek knows the game and is young, energetic and honest. They should make him the new bench coach. He’ll bring some integrity back to the tainted franchise and that position would help him gain some real life dugout experience. In three years he’ll be ready. But not this year.

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