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I Am Jealous Of My Brother In Law (He is a Chiefs fan)

I hate to admit this, but I’m jealous. I’m not proud of this fact. But I am darn jealous of my brother in law.

Not because he lives in Nebraska. Duh. Or drives a mini van. But because he is a Chiefs fan. And his team is in the Super Bowl.

I know this is sort of counter intuitive since I am a Patriots fan and we have appeared in basically half the Super Bowls these past two decades. But….

I'm jealous because this is the first time in his lifetime that his team is playing in the biggest game in the country. My brother in law, let's call him Mike, which is his name, is somewhere in his forties. He was born and raised in Independence, Missouri, right near the Kansas City border and only maybe 25 minutes from the part of the city where the Chiefs and Royals call home.

It has been wicked nice to have the sports upper hand on him. But I am envious of him and the way he feels right now. Because there's nothing like the first time.

Remember what it was like in this neck of the woods before our teams became so damn good? It was a thrill and a cause to miss work to see the Sox on TV in any kind of playoff game.

Can you recall the the hype and excitement in New England as everyone was buzzing about the amazing Pats Wild Card run and their first SB appearance in 86? I even remember a song on Kiss 94.5 that was a parody of the "Leader of the Pack" song about Raymond Berry called "Leader of the Pats."

In 1997 I rushed out and bought a new TV and hosted a Super Bowl blowout at my tiny apartment for Pats and Packers.

And in 2002 I jumped on a plane to New Orleans and literally partied on Bourbon Street as the Pats pulled off the massive upset over the Rams.

It was so freaking amazing back then to have one of our teams win anything. The anxiety during the games would cause me to pace and sweat. The thrill of victory wiped out the agony of our various defeats.

Now it is pretty routine and that makes me a little jealous. “Mike” is about to bask in an amazing two weeks of hype and hyperbole. Remember when that was new to us up here in the Northeast? I do. And I kind of miss it.

Well at least I don't drive a mini van.


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