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What The Red Sox Need Is a Punter

Yes, I said a punter. Someone who sends the ball to the other team to see if they can do something with it. Because right now it appears to me that the Red Sox have two options for the 2020 season and that is:

A. Trade Mookie Betts and David Price to the Dodgers.

I’m in favor of dumping Price under any circumstances, even if it means dumping him waist deep in the Boston Harbor to rebel against the British about the price of tea (or the tax on tea, seemed like a big deal at the time and now nobody even cares. What was it all for? I ask!)

Any circumstance that is other than dealing Mookie Betts. Dumping Price is supposed to be a way to try and finagle enough cash to keep Betts, not usher him out past Kappy’s Liquors to Logan Airport even faster!

But if the Red Sox go this way, they’re giving the ball to the other teams in the AL (like the Yankees) to see if they can win the World Series because the Red Sox would have a diminished line up AND rotation in the short term (until the plentiful haul we’d accept from the Dodgers comes of age) AND the same no-show rotation we had last season.

B. The Red Sox continue the quietist off season in history and play out 2020 with what we have.

If Boston does this they’ll finish better than they would if they made the trade outlined above, no question. Having Mookie Betts and David Price in 2020 is better than having 15 more wins in Pawtucket. But are they even a contender WITH Price and Betts? The current rotation is Sale, Price, Rodriguez, Eovaldi and then as the Old man said when counting a dead hand in Cribbage, “Let your voice drop.”

The lineup is stouter than an antique oak dresser, but that bullpen is still a bigger mystery than what’s on the Hallmark channel after Christmas.

With some luck, option B could get into the postseason, but comes with the ominous auspices that Mookie could walk to LA next winter with the Red Sox receiving a fat lot of nothing. But I suppose that’s still a better option; to roll the dice on the 2020 season and hope it works out, then maybe just maybe they’ll search through John Henry’s couch cushions and see if they can come up with enough scratch to keep the best player of this generation.

However with either 60% or 80% of a rotation, no bullpen and no money to improve either one of them in the short term, it sounds like the Red Sox could use Patriots punter Jake Bailey more than they could a good right handed pitcher.

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