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2019 Weather and Sports By The Numbers

How’s the New Year’s resolution deal working-out for you so far in 2020? I’ll share my primary “rez” with you in a bit, but first….

Being a card-carrying member of the meteorology geek club, I am into numbers and stats having to do with….duh….weather.

Let me throw some at you as we peer in our rear view mirror at 2019.

For example, how high did the temps soar in ’19? Our sweatiest day was July 20th, when we topped-out at 93 degrees. Our AC units were on full blast on July 4th, 5th and 6th with each day registering 91 degrees (a heat wave!)

What day prompted the most shivering? Not a day in December, January or February. Nope, the lowest temperature of the year was recorded on March 8th, when we tumbled to 7 degrees below the donut (anyone remember “Too Tall Tom Szymanski?”)

As for snow totals from January 1st through the finale of December 2019, we (actually, the airport in Bangor) shoveled a total of 74.9” of the white stuff, which is slightly above average for our part of the Pine Tree State. Looking back on our weather journey in 2019, we had some highs and lows along with the usual mix of meteorological mayhem and mundane.

With those stats shared, may I provide you with a few more? How about 1554? As in 1554 hits for the Red Sox in 2019, most in MLB’s American League. 254 homers for the Sox, good enough to place them near the top of the list for dingers. 84-78, a record better than 11 other teams in the 15 team A. L.

What do you think of a 12-4 record? An impressive stat for the Pat’s, don’t you think? Better than 27 other teams in the 32 team league.

The Bruins are slapping some impressive numbers on the board this year as well, with a 25-8 record.

The Celtics are fun to watch again, and are consistently battling for the top spot in the division with a 25-9 record.

OK, I admit, I was bummed by the Pat’s fizzle of a finale. The Bosox weren’t able to relive their ’18 World Series glory. But seriously, would you rather be a Cowboys fan? Marlins? The Red Wings? Pelicans?

So here’s my New Year’s resolution: I shall embrace perspective, and I shall appreciate the incredible success of NE sports teams in 2019. The glow of the last decade shall carry me through all things mayhem and mundane, at least for this year. I shall dismiss the expectation that every season must bring a championship trophy in order to be deemed “successful.”

Ahhhh…I feel better. In a better place emotionally as we journey forward into the new year. Now if the Sox can just find a reliable reliever out of the pen….

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