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Great UMaine Sports Memories from Across The Country

As the decade of the "10's" comes to a close, a look back reveals a pretty decent 10 years.

As 2009 closed out, so then did my military career with the Maine Air National Guard. With all of my kids being grown adults, I really found myself with no legitimate reason to stick around Maine and it's 9 month long winters.

Apologies to our local supermarket giant, but my gig stacking yogurt just didn't have that much of an appeal. After a very short stint in Austin TX , home of THE University of Texas and an even shorter stint as a " ramp rat" for US Airways, I ended up in Oklahoma.

A mere 3 days after I moved in, we got 12 inches of snow. How far south did I have to go to get rid of winter? Good grief. I found out quickly that snow plowing isn't really a thing down here and they mostly just let it melt. So if you have somewhere to be, too bad.

In 2010 I met a girl. Her name is Hellcat ( no really, that's her legal middle name) and in 2013 I married her.

So, in this decade I had as many weddings as Maine hockey had NCAA playoff appearances. Good for me, bad for Maine.

Being centrally located in the country and having a great job with the Air Force, I am afforded the ability to travel and see UMaine athletic programs compete in some fairly high profile non conference contests. I have managed to see baseball in several great towns like Clemson, Auburn, Las Cruces, New Mexico, and Lubbock, Texas.

I've watched Black Bear Men's basketball play in Seattle Washington and Lubbock Texas. I even got to be in attendance in Bowling Green Kentucky when Maine football got their latest victory over an FBS opponent with a rousing come from behind victory over Western Kentucky.

As the "20's " begin I am looking forward to more of the same. UMaine games that is, not weddings or snowstorms.

Here's hoping that U Maine hockey figures it out soon, that football gets back on track and that the men's basketball program finally gets off the schnide and makes the NCAA tournament.

A blue and white themed "roaring 20's" would without a doubt be a thing of beauty.

I hope that the 20's brings us an upgraded football facility at UMaine, and a new hockey facility. Hopefully the on ice product is eventually worthy of it.

I guess it's kind of a "Catch 22" with hockey. If they were winning, raising money for a new building would be easy. But if they had a new building, it might help them win more. The clock is ticking Mr. Ralph. Solve that puzzle as hockey needs fixing. It's been way too long.

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