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A Simply Great Decade Of Sports and Sports Media

While I am wicked excited to dive head first into 2020, it’s also pretty darn cool to take a look back at 2019, an amazing sports year and a kick butt sports decade. I feel this way as a local fan, and professionally as well.

I started the decade by wrapping up my 6 year run as the afternoon host at WZON AM 620 The Sports Zone in may 2010. I was lucky enough to keep my nose stuck in the business through the rest of the decade. I wrote columns for the Maine Edge for a couple of years and was a contributor primary fill in host for a couple of years on Downtown with Rich Kimball on WABI AM and later 92.9FM WEZQ.

When that show was dumped from the Ticket, Jim Churchill invited me to help him start up The Drive on 92.9FM which premiered in January of 2015. It was a fun four years until my dismissal in late 2018. Me getting booted was a result of the growth of the Sports Chowdah, which I started in January of 2017, but in the last two years has really taken off.

In 2019 the Chowdah e mail blast was opened by more than100,000 readers. This number does not count the numerous sports fans who visit or read our content when it is shared daily on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Our blogs on the BDN Maine site were clicked on almost 200,000 times. Jeff’s Take on WABI TV 5 reaches thousands of viewers weekly as do our 3 and OUT with Mike DeVito and Whine of the Week videos on social media.

Early in 2019 we launched the Sports Chowdah Radio stream. And in march hosted the biggest Hot Stove Event the area has ever seen when Roger Clemens came to Bangor. Curt Schilling was also sensational at his cookout in October.

I write all of that so I can take a pause to reflect on an amazing year and decade, and to write THANK YOU for being a part of the Sports Chowdah. Thank you for reading the blogs, watching the videos, taking part in the polls and for writing me e mails or saying hi when you see me out and about.

I’m not going to bluff you and say that walking away from a great job at a local law firm to start a tiny sports media company wasn’t scary as hell. But as we sit here together on the verge of a new decade, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I hope you also look back on recent years with contentment and pride, and I wish nothing but happiness and success for you and your family.

Happy New Decade!

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