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Patriots Should be Punished- Big Time.

Another year, another Patriots division title and yet again another instance of the Patriots being caught red handed breaking the rules.

For all of the on the field success, the Patriots are equally as horrible off the field. I don't think Tony Soprano cheated as much as these guys do.

Stone cold busted at a Bengals game filming stuff they knew they shouldn't be filming, their camera guy, basically peeing his pants was pathetically begging security to just let him delete the footage. Again, the “Patriots Way.”

When the heat gets turned up on them, just start destroying evidence. Delete video. Conveniently lose or destroy your cell phone. Whatever it takes.

Remember when Antonio Brown got into a beef with the Raiders and then suddenly, 30 seconds after he was fired by Oakland, he was hired by New England? Yeah, I am sure that was a total coincidence. I would suggest an investigation into some phone records between the Pats and AB's agent, but I think we all know where those phone records probably are by now.

What makes it worse, is that the Commissioner, good ol Roger, does nothing about any of it. He is apparently so busy trying to figure out how to shaft another NFL city out of a game by moving it to London, or Mexico that he doesn't have time to drop the hammer on his most crooked entity.

For all of the ridiculous rhetoric about protecting the shield and not making the league look bad, ole Rog certainly doesn't seem willing to clean up the biggest mess he has up there in the Northeast.

The owner of the team basically got caught with a prostitute in Florida. Oh, sorry, “a Masseuse” and alas that wasn't enough of a stain on the " shield" to warrant any meaningful punishment.

Maybe Belichick or Robert Kraft have some secret video of the Commish, filmed illegally no doubt. There has to be some reason the Pats continue to skate with no real repercussions.

The Patriots are gross repeat offenders. It's time the league stood up to them and made it hurt. It’s time to take away multiple draft picks and not the useless 7th round or compensatory picks. I want forfeiture of meaningful 1st and 2nd round picks. The league is very quick at times to suspend players and coaches. See Josh Gordon and Sean Payton for example.

It's time to drop the hammer on the Patriots. Belichick should be suspended for a minimum of 1 year. Multiple draft picks should be forfeited and the next time they get caught, and there will no doubt be a next time, they should face an NCAA style punishment of a 3 year post season ban. Stop slapping the Patriots on the wrist. Take them behind the woodshed with a leather belt and get them into line.

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