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Great First Third of the Season for the C's

Injuries, trades, the rookies, and more Celtics talking points at the one-third mark

The Boston Celtics men’s professional basketball club has played 26 games as of Dec. 19, sitting comfortably in second place in the East (despite them being 5 games back of the first-place Bucks. The NBA season is nearly one-third of the way over *shudders.*

Somehow, with five just days of rest during the meat of the first half of the NBA season (which is downright-awful scheduling, by the way), the Celtics went from having two players on the injury report to four. Brad Stevens said Hayward has been dealing with a “sore foot” on-and-off this season, and since he missed time with the broken hand, it just didn’t come up as often.

Timelord was diagnosed with a “hip bone edema” and from what my non-medically-inclined brain has read on Twitter, the range of outcomes for this go from “never walking again” to “no basketball for a long time.” I truly have no idea what an “edema” is, but it sounds bad. I’ll leave it at that.

The Celtics have an affinity for fun-loving Frenchmen. First, we were graced with two wonderous years of Guerschon Yabusele, and now we have the eclectic Vincent Poirier. Truly #blessed. Unfortunately he’ll be out for a few weeks with a fractured pinky. He doesn’t play a lot, but this injury does force Boston to use some of Tacko Fall’s two-way days, and who knows if/when that could come back to bite them.

Finally, Marcus Smart has succumbed to conjunctivitis. He might have a glass eye before he sees the floor again. Yesterday, Brad stated that he was on “day seven of a 7-10 day eye infection.” It seems highly unlikely that he can see clearly enough to play by day 10.

It’s astonishing that they’ve been as good as they’ve been, both in a year where they were expected to regress, and after being bit on the juglar by the injury bug. This is a testament to two things; one being a shift in the team’s attitude, where they don’t quit during games rather than quitting at the first chance they get. The second is the steady improvement from Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum.

And I haven’t forgotten about the importance of Smart and Hayward. It’s been a great start to the season. Lets keep it rolling! Go C’s!

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