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Let's Take a Moment to Enjoy the Best of the Past Decade

Many moons ago when I was a young’un, I thought my parents were toasting their old Aunt Stine on New Year’s Eve. Turns out they were toasting to Auld Lang Syne, words contributed by 18th century Scots which mean “old long since,” or “to long ago times.”

Before long, we will be hoisting a cup of cheer as we toast the past decade. Whaaat?!? Another decade come and gone? Yep. Seems like we were just huddled over our computers at 11:59:59 pm anticipating some sort of techie apocalypse as we clicked into the year 2000. Yet here were are, 20 years later, about to enter 2020. Yikes!

So, to what might we toast as we scan the last 10 years? Wow-we’ve got some great choices. How about three Superbowl championships by our Pats? Along with the most recent Lombardi trophy festivities in 2019, New England took the top spot in 2017 and 2015.

The Red Sox? Two World Series trophies for the Fenway faithful; one in 2018 and the other in 2013. Celtics? One conference championship as we welcomed the decade in in 2010, but no NBA titles since scary Mr. Garnett was ruling the paint in 2008. Any bonus titles from the B’s? You bet; the black and gold were polishing a Stanley Cup in 2011.

Math isn’t my thing, but according to my calculations, that’s 6 world championships and 1 conference championship in the past decade. Not bad, eh?

In fact, to gain some perspective, ask one of your Big Apple buddies how the past decade was for NY sports fans. How many championships for the Yanks, Giants, Jets, Islanders and Rangers? One. That’s it. New York Giants edged-out our Pats in 2012. Hmmm...let me noodle around with this data...yesiree-according to my Apple watch calculator, it appears our New England sports teams have topped all other teams 6 times in the past decade, with our compatriots along the Hudson River celebrating...ahem….one.

What a decade! Historic, really.

So before you continue your lament regarding TB 12’s apparent demise, amidst your griping about the Yanks paying a ba-jillion dollars for a front line hurler the Bosox should have nabbed, and as you fret about the B’s and the C’s (who by the way, have given us plenty to cheer about so far this season), hoist a cup of cheer to the past decade for us crazy (and rather spoiled) fans here in L.L. Bean territory. Would you trade places with any other fanatics anywhere else in the country? I didn’t think so.

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