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Yes, the refs cost the Pats that win. No debate.

While hosting the afternoon sports talk show on WZON AM 620 in Bangor years ago, my co host and I did a show around the question “Can refs cost a team a win?” I made my case that of course officials could hose a team with bad calls. No brainah really.

Now after witnessing that officiating debacle in Foxboro Sunday night, those bunch of striped buffoons have proven me correct while costing the Patriots a key win.

I felt like I was watching WWE referees. Every time a New England player did something good, somehow the refs became distracted and missed it. I swear Andy Reid could have sent 15 guys on the field at any given time and those compete waste of DNA morons blowing the whistles Sunday would have allowed it.

If Bill Belichick had all of the challenges he needed to try to stop this group of freakin’ stooges

from messing up this game, his socks would be so stuffed he’d look like the Michelin Man from the knees down.

The examples are plentiful. On one play KC Tight End Travis Kelce was a full fathom short of a first down. Yet the referees awarded a chunk of land to him like it was the land rush of the 1800’s.

Granted they eventually got the Pats fumble recovery call correct after the play was reviewed by someone with better vision than this Mr. Magoo crew. But it cost the Pats a score, or at least better field position.

Next, while I understand seeing N’Keal Harry on the field is as rare as a ghost sighting, his feet must have been an apparition to this top notch officiating crew who somehow didn’t notice he stayed in bounds on his way to the end zone. So they took that TD away.

Who ya gonna call after getting slimed by these guys? Nobody because the Hooded One had already used all his challenges trying to fix other egregious officiating errors.

Then to cap it off Philip Dorsett was mugged in the end zone on a last ditch effort pass from TB 12. We’re talking “Hello 911? There’s been an assault” type of contact. But alas these escapees from the Island of Misfit Officials didn’t blow a whistle.

I understand that almost everyone hates the Pats and loved every minute of this screw job. And I know this stuff happens to other teams as well. All too often. But all of that doesn’t make the flat out thievery of a Pats win this week justifiable.

More than 20 million people saw this comedy of errors live on TV. Millions more will on line and on SportsCenter. The refs cost a team a win. Just like I said they could years ago on the radio.

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