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We play the "What If" game with UMaine football

After a sorely disappointing football season for the University of Maine let's play a game of "what if".

What if Joe Harasymiak never left for Minnesota? I certainly don't begrudge him his opportunity, and am not criticizing him for that move.

But what if that continuity of coaching from last years Final Four appearance was still in place? What if Maine hadn't simply promoted from within and had conducted a thorough national search for a new head coach and found someone with more experience?

That's not to say I think Coach Charlton did a bad job this year. But 6-6 is still 6-6 and in the FCS world, there is no Weed Eater Bowl for a 6 win team.

What if Chris Ferguson hadn't gotten hurt during the Richmond game and missed the remainder of the season?

What if Maine's star receiver, Earnest Edwards, didn't break his nose playing pick up basketball and had to miss the Richmond game via injury or suspension?

Yes, it was reported he broke it in football practice. But that's not what I hear. I am told he may have been elbowed, or even punched on the court. Either way it appears his poor decision to play basketball during the season probably cost UMaine the game.

So, what if they had won that Richmond game and stopped the losing streak (5 out of 6) in it's tracks. That could have generated some momentum which might have resulted in at least one more win. What if that win made Maine 8-4? That's a playoff spot.

All of this added up to a very disappointing ending to a season. So, as we look ahead to 2020 let's hope there aren't as many "what if's" . Let's hope that Coach Charlton learns from the miscues of this year. Let's hope star players stick to football and football only. Let's hope that our young QB doesn't hit the sophomore slump with the force of a freight train.

For this fan it will be a long off season of getting over the what if's and looking ahead to what might be.

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