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What do Bob Barker, Pat Sajak and Gronk have in common?

“Rob Gronkowski, come on down!” Just picture that chaotic scene as Gronk responds to the siren call for contestants on The Price is Right. Gronk’s youthful enthusiasm and whacky antics actually would play well on that show as “the next contestant” always is way over excited and seemingly super caffeinated. That’s Gronk.

And I’m pretty sure he would spin that Showcase Showdown wheel right into the crowd.

As it turns out #87 really is going to be on a network game show soon. No he’s not risking a Cliff Clavin like perforce on Jeopardy. And he won’t have to worry about buying a vowel. Or figuring out what a vowel even is.

He’ll be a host of sorts.

The former Patriot tight end, party cruise host, WWE guest and all around fan favorite is set to star in the new CBS game show GAME ON!

The program will be hosted by actor Keegan-Michael Key and will feature Gronkowski and Venus Williams.

Will he be the Weakest Link in that group?

Heres what CBS has to say about the new show:

“Equal parts comedy and game show, the genre-busting GAME ON! pits two teams of three, including captains Williams and Gronkowski...and a rotating mix of sports stars, comedians, and celebrities, against one another. Teams will go head to head in over-the-top physical challenges, from seeing who can dunk the most basketballs over a tank of water while harnessed on a bungee cord, to taking on a sumo wrestler in the ring.

But in the spirit of classic trivia type game shows, there are questions to be answered too.

For instance some examples CBS tossed out were “Which football player cried the longest after winning a championship?” and "Which of these athletes was the largest baby when they were born?”

Will Game On! be worth watching? Survey says….! Doubtful.

Although it will be fun to see Gronk spike various objects into the ground.

Really I think it would be more of a hoot to see Gronk compete on a show where he has to beat the clock like the 20,000 Pyramid, or see him yell “No Whammies” on Press Your Luck.

Or maybe given his propensity for laughing at sixty nine jokes, contributing to the double entendre humor on Match Game might make sense.

“Tom Brady is so good looking, even his blank can get a date!”

I think Gronk will be just fine. Yes Regis that’s my final answer.

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