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Should we suspend Maine High School Football Coaches who "run up the score?"

(This blog originally aired as a Jeff's Take on

WABI TV 5 News.)

Last week a high school football coach in New York was suspended for one game. Why? Because the final score in his teams win was 61-13. So he violated the Nassau County policy designed to prevent lopsided results in football games.

If a team wins by 42 or more points, the winning coach must explain to a special committee why such an large margin of victory could not be avoided.

In this case “The Committee” decided that when the coach was up by 35 points to start the fourth quarter he should have pulled his starters and did not. So they suspended that coach for one game.

This policy has been in place for 3 years. And it seems to be working. In 2014 there were 26 games with a margin of victory of 40 points or more in Nassau county. That number has gone down every year all the way to just four games this season.

So I ask you, should Maine have a policy like this?

Let me give you some stats on blowouts here in Maine, which are plentiful in the struggling sport of high school football.

Through the 8 weeks of the 2019 regular season there were just over 300 games played. By my rough count. Statewide I found 53 games that were one sided by at least 42 points. Thats about 15% of all games played.

So it could make some sense to put in a rule here in Maine that punishes coaches for not taking it easy on the other team.

But it doesn’t. This rue is is a dumb idea that like most things should just stay in New York

We are quickly creating the softest generation of kids this country has ever seen.

Todays parents circle like helicopters making sure little Johnny or Jill faces no adversity whatsoever. Making coaches go before a committee to explain their game plan and play calling is absurd and an utter waste of everyones time.

Sometimes in life you lose, and you lose big. You must learn how to bounce back. Dust yourself off.

A great example is the Nokomis football team the last few years. That team stunk and went winless for two years. The kids stuck with it. They won a few games. Then as Seniors that group rolled everyone and won a state title.

That’s how you do it. Persevere. Overcome.

Don’t make up rules to punish the winners.

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