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The Most Dominant Program in Maine High School Sports

(This blog originally aired as a Jeff's Take on WABI TV 5 News)

Skowhegan can brag about a couple of wicked long streaks. For instance the Skowhegan State Fair is the oldest continuous state fair in the United States. It’s been around every August since 1818. Impressive. That’s a lot of fried dough.

But if you Google Skowhegan there’s something that comes up ahead of the fair, and ahead of even the towns official website. It’s the Skowhegan field hockey team.

They have an amazing streak as well:19 consecutive regional titles.

Let me repeat. 19 regional Class A North Field Hockey titles in a row! It’s dominance never before seen in Maine high school sports.

Heck, the streak is older than anybody on this years team.

Oh and by the way Saturday they won thier 16th state title in this 19 years.

You cannot downplay this accomplishment in any way.

There are so many little things that could derail that streak. Odds are that one year someone will get the right bounce and beat you. You have a sick player. Maybe a star player quits or fails a class or moves. A bad call by an official. A few kids decide to play soccer instead or cheer for football or who knows what?

And this is high school. You cant recruit nationwide like college teams or sign free agents for big money like pro teams. You need to cultivate from the kids in your town.

Paula Doughty is in her 39th year as the head coach. She has 555 wins.

Obviously a great coach and has built a program. I found some stuff on line about her summer camps etc as it takes a year round effort to win this consistently

There was never been a dynasty like this.

Jonesport Beals boys basketball won 8 out of 9 in the late 70’s. Calais girls hoops won 9 out of 11 regional titles not that long ago. Falmouth boys soccer nine out of 13 state titles middle of last decade. There’s no other streak in Maine high school sports history that can touch 19 titles in a row.

Margaret Chase Smith, you may have heard of her, was born in Skowhegan. She would be very impressed with what these young ladies have accomplished the last two decades.

As we all should be.

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