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Former Black Bear a Star on Sunday Night Football

Lamar Jackson was the object of much affection from NBC during last nights Pats loss to the Ravens on Sunday Night Football. But Pat Ricard got some serious love last night too from the crew at NBC.

Al Michaels and especially Cris Collinsworth showered praise on the former U Maine Black Bear pretty much from opening kick off.

On one play the camera showed that Ri

card had come into the game and Collinsworth gushed “There’s our guy!”

When explaining how unique it was for Ricard to already have played more than 100 snaps on both offense and defense they glowingly called him a “Renaissance Man.” Ricard plays Defensive End and Fullback for the team formerly known as the Browns.

On two separate occasions they used an on screen graphic to illustrate where Ricard was in the field. (See below)

Even intrepid sideline reporter Michele Tafoya did a live report explaining how coach Harbaugh raves about Ricard and how he plays like “His hair is on fire.”

Somewhere around twenty million viewers should have some new respect for the 6’3” 300 pound multi purpose man who played for the Maine Black Bears from 2013 to 2016 as a defensive lineman.

Ricard was justifiable pumped before the game as he Tweeted:

“Prime time game in Baltimore vs the Patriots. Vs my hometown team, the team I grew up watching almost my whole life. NEVER in a million years, I thought this would be possible. Words can’t describe the emotions I’m going to go through tonight.. LET’S GO!!!”

He received deserved praise post game too from local media who identified him as one of the stars of the upset win due to his blocking and big 8 yard catch to keep a drive alive.

I'm sure the folks in the UMaine athletic department already have a tape of last night’s game to use the Ricard high lights as a recruiting tool. If they don’t, they should.

Heck maybe Collinsworth will even send along a personal note.

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