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The big debate: Whom should the Pats play in the Super Bowl?

OK. I will admit this is exactly the kind of thing that is expected from us egotistical, arrogant, self centered, and entitled New England fans.

But it’s a legit issue for which I have spent some time pondering lately. Do I want to see Pats-Cowboys or Pats-Saints in the Superbowl?

I know. Quandary right? I don’t want to say it’s been keeping me up at night. But I won’t say I have been sleeping as well as hungover guy in church Sunday morning either.

Most fans just hope their teams will be in the playoffs. Many dream of a trip to the conference title game while they fantasize about what it would be like to have their favorite squad make the Super Bowl.

But us once down trodden Pats fans have had our team play in eleven Super Bowls. I mean us adult fans. Not the spoiled Millennials who don’t remember what 1-15 felt like.

But even those snot nosed kids have seen nine big game appearances in eighteen years. And of course six wins.

We have seen a last second field goal for a walk off win; an interception to seal a win; and the greatest comeback (28-3) the Big Game has ever seen. Tough acts to follow.

Most of us need new and exciting things in our lives. So to the Pats we say “Thank You. Next!”

I am learning heavily toward a showdown with the Cowboys. It would the the first Super Bowl game where everyone in the world would truly want both teams to lose. The ultimate battle of evil like Predator vs. Alien or Freddy vs. Jason. The dominant team of two decades ago versus the dominant team of the past two decades.

Plus I have many Dallas fans as friends (an error in my judgement I guess) and beating them in the biggest game on the planet would be a perfect icing on the Pats dynasty cake.

There is a part of me that thinks watching the Pats battle Drew Brees and the Saints is compelling. It’s a chance to see the two oldest Quarterbacks in the league go head to head. And Brees is number one all time in passing yards with TB 12 right behind.

That all sounds good. But as I write this I do really think I want the Pats and Boys to meet in Miami in early February. After all we can always battle the Saints in the Super Bowl next year.

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