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15 years ago the Sox finally did it!

As the people who are still interested watch this year’s October classic, a pretty special anniversary cannot go unnoticed.

It was 15 years ago yesterday, that what can only be described as a religious experience for some, happened in St. Louis, Missouri.

After 86 excruciatingly long years of waiting, the Boston Red Sox became World Series champions. Little did anybody know at the time that three more titles would follow in just over a decade.

But that 2004 season will always hold one of if not the top spots in all of New England sports fans memories.

Not only was the team good on the field, but they were extremely likable, and they liked each other. And that actually matters. Sometimes too much can be made of chemistry, but I think that years team is exhibit A about how far chemistry can carry a team.

I will never forget having champagne poured on my head by then minority owner and Maine’s own Les Otten.

It was after all of our coverage was over, people were celebrating, and there I was, having just finished interviewing David Ortiz, and Curt Schilling, and Pedro Martinez, and Johnny Damon, and Jason Varitek etc.

When you do this for a living, you don’t have the opportunity to cheer or to play favorites. You’re supposed to be objective, as hard as that can be at times. But this was different. And worthy of celebration. Having grown up going to Fenway Park with my grandfather, and having him pass away before he had a chance to see what I was seeing, it really hit me. And every other Sox fan across the world.

This transcended sports. It was generations and generations of longing, yearning, and finally achieving the pinnacle of the sport. It was unlike any other World Series championship, and likely unlike any future one. From the comeback against the Yankees in the ALCS, to the crowning moment of the final out in St. Louis.

There will never be another year like a 2004 Red Sox, and it’s worthy of celebration and remembrance. It's one of those moments everybody remembers where they were when it happened. It’s beyond my belief that this kid from Maine will always get to share stories of being on the field and part of it all.

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