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Historically bad decade for the Yankees. That's a shame.

Hallaluah! Crisis narrowly averted. And it was a close one.

The Yankees had a shot at winning a World Series title, something that is as rare for them as a positive Twitter post this days.

But mercifully my prayers have been answered as the Yanks will have to settle for just their one World Series title this Millennium thus far.

In fact heres something to throw in the face of a Damn Yankee fan when they get a little mouthy about the Sox lost season this year.

As this decade wraps up and we move to 2020, this is the first time since 1910 that the Yankees never played one single World Series game in a decade. Nope, the Bronx Bummers did not play in the Fall classic once since this decade started.

This last trophy came in 2009 when they beat the Phillies.

Meanwhile the Red Sox won in 2013 and 2018 bringing their total to four since the possible Y 2K crisis.

I think its adorable that George, and now Hal and Hank the Steinbrenner brats, have spent 4 billion dollars or so since 2000 for one ring, and 2 billion dollars the last ten years and did not get to throw even one pitch in the series.

27 world titles is impressive. But how about having some degree of success in the era of smart phones, high speed internet and Netflix? The stuff that you won when the national speed limit was 55 just doesn't hold up as much as recent success.

Of course theres always next year. But lets hope not.

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