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Cookout with Curt Schilling was a home run!

Thank you for coming to talk some baseball with Curt Schilling Saturday night!

Curt was just awesome as he shared stories and candid opinions, all with humor and humility.

A few hundred people enjoyed food from Hero's, beverages from Jeff's Catering, grabbed photos and autographs, and enjoyed 90 minutes of Curt being Curt on stage.

Thanks to our presenting sponsor Dirigo Pines! Also special thanks to WABI TV 5, plus our other amazing sponsors, Mainely Eyes, Bangor Federal Credit Union, Sluggers, TBA- Tires, Batteries and Accessories, United Insurance, Cyr Bus and Northstar Tours, and Maine Internet Radio.



3 Things I learned from Curt Schilling

By Sterling Pingree

Here are three takeaways from Saturday night that I thought were pretty memorable.

Greg Maddux was the best pitcher of all-time?

Maddux is the Chuck Norris of pitcher stats. Did you know Greg Maddux once tossed a complete game, and threw only 78 pitches? It felt surprising to hear Schill say that Maddux, not teammates Pedro Martinez or Randy Johnson, is the greatest of all-time. Though, as I think about a pitcher who spent a good chunk of his career pitching against those dynastic Braves’ rotations, I could understand why one would think Maddux was the best.

I witnessed Curt Schilling eat his first red hot dog.

There was some apprehension as we approached the grill, but myself and Quinn Paradis from Hero’s assured him that they were great. When in Maine right? No complaints from the ace. (And to answer your question, yes, he put ketchup on it.)

“I didn’t get paid to pitch Major League Baseball games. I got paid to win Major League Baseball games.”

Curt was very forthright with the details of his routine and approach to every game. He kept a notebook of every batter he faced, and knew who would be behind home plate for all of this starts a half a season at a time. It's that kind of prep that has him knocking on the Hall of Fame door.

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