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Red Sox games are way too long

The Red Sox season is over. It was a long, disappointing, dull season with just not that many memorable moments for Sox fans.

Did I mention loooooooong?

The Red Sox play the longest games in all of Major league baseball at an average of almost 3 hours and 20 minutes. For comparison, that’s 5 minutes longer than the total run time of the epic movie Titanic.

So, watching the Sox is like watching Titanic every, single, night. It really did feel like that this year at times.

The average length of an MLB game this season is three hours and 10 minutes, a new record. Even for old guys like me who love the sport, this is a wicked problem.

Sure, homeruns are up this year. But so are strikeouts. For the 12th straight year.

And now there are more walks in the game too. And we know theres nothing more exciting than a guy trotting to first base. I sit on the edge of my seat waiting for the batting glove handoff to the first base coach. Riveting.

The average MLB game features around 300 pitches a night. Sadly most of them are just caught by the catcher.

Last year was the first time there were more strikeouts than hits. Its true again this year. More than 41,000 so far. That number has grown every year for 12 years.

There were 22 pitchers this season reach the 200-strikeout mark. That’s the most since 1900.

All of this makes for lower TV ratings, and attendance at games is the lowest since 2003.

But perhaps the worst insult to injury is a recent NY Times article that points out that more and more people have found a way to pass the time at baseball games…… by knitting.

Maybe we need to rewrite the lyrics to take me out to the ballgame soon to include buying some peanuts and a ball of yarn. Maybe we need to write a whole new song? We sure do have the time during games to work on it.

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