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Long cold winter coming for Sox fans

What a bummer of a season for the Sox and us fans. Just 84 wins. They were left in the division race dust by the Yankees. The Sox were technically in the Wild Card hunt through August, but not really. They finished with a losing record at Fenway Park. They will watch the playoffs on a cable TV channel like the rest of us.

The offense was electric. Boston scored 901 runs, the fourth most in baseball. They set a franchise record for home runs while having one of the best team batting averages in the league. Devers, Bogarts, and JD Martinez all hit above .300 and finished in the top 10 in batting average. Mookie was not far behind at .295. All four had great seasons and Vazquez had a breakout year at the plate as well.

Consider this stat:

This is the first time the Red Sox have ever featured 3 players with 30+ HR and a

.300+ AVG in a season. They are only the 10th team ever to do that (last: 2004 Cardinals).

J.D. Martinez – .304, 36 HR

Xander Bogaerts – .309, 33 HR

Rafael Devers - .311, 32 HR


But in the end the bullpen was one of the worst in baseball before the All Star Break and the starting pitching was injured and dismal in the second half of the season. E-Rod had his break out season but losing Price, Sale and Eovaldi for big parts of the season was the kiss of death. And Alex Cora did not have his team ready leaving spring training. The 4-9 start set the tone.

So where do they go from here? This could be a tough off season. Most “experts” think JD will opt out and leave for more money elsewhere. And the odds seem in favor of trading Mookie this winter. Fan favorite Brock Holt probably won’t be back. Same for Mitch Moreland and Rick Porcello. Dustin Pedroia will retire.

John Henry and Sox ownership want to trim payroll. Meanwhile the Yankees are a threat to win the World Series. This is starting to feel like it could be a long cold winter.

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