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Sterling's Pats Notes after going to both home games this season

I want Tom Brady to play football.

A lot of football. I want him to be healthy for the entirety of this season more than I want the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. And through two blow out victories I’ve been howling for Jarrett Stidham to see the first action of his NFL career. You know, to protect our 42-year old quarterback from unnecessary wear and tear. Sunday we got it. I saw his first completion, the first time he was sacked and his first pick-six to be immediately followed by his first benching. The lessons as always are: good things happen when Tom Brady plays football and Bill Belichick is smarter than me.

The crowd is behind this defense in a big way. I’ve been fortunate to get to attend these games from a seat just 7 rows from the field on the Light House end of the stadium. When the offense is coming our way, it’s electric. Through two home games, this defense has fans feeling some kind of way.

The most impressive player? Jamie Collins Sr. Last week he had the two-picks and one for a touch down. Sunday there was a 3 and out for the Jets where Collins sacked Luke Falk on first down, batted down a pass on second down and to completeing the trifecta he tackled the ball carrier on third and long. After his brief sojourn to Cleveland, Collins looks like a totally different player and not just because he’s wearing #58 now.

It reminds me of when Patrick Chung left for Philadelphia in 2013. Chung had been okay but slightly disappointing for the 34th overall pick. But when he came back Chung was a whole new player. Perhaps Collins expedition to Cleveland has made him realize those things that players have to realize before they can be great.

Sunday was the hottest Patriots game I’ve ever attended. The kind of weather Solari just adores. How hot was it Sunday in Foxborough? The walk towards the stadium where Pats fans see how many tailgate beers they can guzzle before crossing Route 1, was replaced by Gatorades and waters. WATERS! It’s like they weren’t even taking the Jets seriously.

I said before the game if Gunner Olszewski does nothing but catch every punt this season, I’ll consider it a huge success. Silver lining: in my experience the best time to muff and punt back into the kicking teams end zone for a touchdown is when you’re head 30-0. No better time.

“Ty Law played his best against the best. Just ask Peyton Manning. Ty picked him off more than anybody.” Robert Kraft during halftime before he gave Law his Hall of Fame ring.

3-0 heading to Orchard Park next Sunday to play the 3-0 Bills. Always an unsettling place to play because of the environment even though I’m almost positive Brady holds the lease to New Era Stadium. The Bills Mafia will be in rare form after a 3-0 start. Yikes.

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