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Holding out for a sports hero

“I need a hero….I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night…”

Do these lyrics ring a bell? Step into the time machine with me; we’ll set the dial back 35 years, and step into 1984 together. Ghostbusters, the Karate Kid, Indiana Jones, and Beverly Hills Cop are drawing throngs of peeps to the movie theaters. The Celts, Raiders, the Detroit Tigers, and Gretzky’s Oilers are at the top of the sports world. And Bonnie Tyler was belting-out this message on top 40 radio with lyrics that have been with me for the last several weeks.

Why? ‘Cuz I need a hero.

Havlicek, Grogan, Orr, Yaz, Fisk, Mays, Starr, Sayers, Sanders (as in Barry), Everett-Lloyd, Staubach…..all heroes in my book.

Were they the best athletes/sports stars in their day? Yeah-at times they were. But that’s not why they were and are heroes in my book. It’s because they had some class. The closed their mouths and did their jobs. They acted like they had been there before. My dusty dictionary defines hero this way: a person admired for achievements and noblequalities. Did you catch the two key words? ACHIEVEMENTS, and NOBLE. Which is why I need a hero these days.

I see very little that is noble in athletes dominating the headlines these days. I’m sure there are many embracing achievements and nobility, but man…I sure don’t hear much about them. Instead, it’s the latest breaking news about temper tantrums, immaturity, legal troubles, and “everybody look at me” garbage saturating Sports Center and social media reports. I mean seriously, can you imagine Roger Staubach arriving at training camp in a hot air balloon? Barry Sanders in a Brinks truck?

I get it, sometimes we have to put-up with stuff you wouldn’t tolerate from your middle school kid at home in order to have a chance at a title. Or do we? For example, as a Pat’s fan, I am disappointed in the Antonio Brown signing (or as he wants to be known: “A.B.”) And I’m not talking about the potential legal problems. I’m talking diva, actions speak louder than words stuff here. No need to detail A.B.’s exploits over the past few months here, since we’ve all been living with them via media lately. Safe to say “noble qualities” aren’t exactly what comes to mind when it comes to Brown, or other athletes crashing sports headlines recently. C’mon Patriots! A.B? Really?

Sorry to say, Bonnie’s singing my song these days….I need a hero…I’m holding out for a hero…

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