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Bye Bye AB. Now I feel a little less "icky" about being a Pats fan.

I love the New England Patriots. I have since 1985. Have mercy did I sit through some cold miserable games at the old Foxboro stadium in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Not a great place or great team back in those days.

Perhaps like you, I used to spend many a Sunday afternoon watching the old “Patsies” find innovative ways to lose.

I was lucky enough to be at the first Superbowl that they won against the Rams.

I have not missed many games on TV in the past couple decades.

I’m a legit fan.

But this year, in spite of the great start by the team, I have not been entirely happy with, or should I say proud of, my Pats. I can sum it up by saying there’s just too much around this team that’s hard to talk about with my young kids.

But Friday afternoon that changed for the better when they released Antonio Brown. Today I feel a little less “icky” about being a Pats fan.

I was uncomfortable with not only the way he quit on Oakland but specifically the recent sexual assault allegations. Brown is being sued by one woman and now at least one more female has stepped forward with claims against Brown.

Is he guilty? I don’t know. But there’s enough out there to make it hard to cheer for him. He is an awesome player but I can’t imagine running out and buying a Brown Pats jersey.

Plus there’s more.

A few weeks back Patrick Chung was summonsed for cocaine in his lake house.

Theres Josh Gordon’s repeated drug suspensions.

The Robert Kraft stuff from the winter.

And the horrible drama of Aaron Hernandez a few years back looms over the franchise.

Its just too much of the wrong kind of news and it makes me feel a little guilty about cheering for this team right now. Although as I said losing Brown sure does help.

I hated the Jimmy Johnson era cowboys. They won a lot, just like the Patriots.

But the off the field stuff, Multiple arrests. DUI’s. Drugs. Prostitution.

All made them easy to hate.

So I understand why so many hate the Patriots.

I don’t hate them. I’m loyal. I’m still a fan.

And while overall I still feel a little “icky,” today it’s better.

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