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Eli Manning should not be in the Hall of Fame

In this embarrassing era where everyone gets a trophy, there are no losers, and concocted voting systems allow a candidate without the most votes to be actually elected, we have reached yet a new low in our cultural embracement of mediocrity.

The internet is ablaze with ta

lk about Eli Manning being a Hall of Fame quarterback.

He is not. Debate over.

The youngest Manning has had a good, lengthy NFL career. He won two Superbowls and was the MVP on each occasion. The upset of the Pats in 2007 was one of the great sports stories (Unless you are a Pats fan) of all time.

But overall he was not the greatest of the great, the best of the best, for which the Hall of Fame is intended. There is no way you can look at someone with a straight face and say “Eli Manning was elite.”

But despite the ATT TV ad campaign reminding us daily that OK is not good enough (such as boy bands the don’t dance) our society in 2019 is all about rewarding “OK.”

And Manning was just OK.

Eli Manning’s career regular-season record is 116-116. He is 47-66 since winning Super Bowl XLVI in February 2012.

He only went to the playoffs six times in 16 seasons.

He’s never led the league in yards passing, touchdowns or passer rating.

He has led the NFL in interceptions. Three times!

Overall he three for 362 TD’s and a whopping 241 picks.

He has only been to four Pro-Bowls. He’s never been an All-Pro. Not once.

He has never been the NFL MVP.

Heck he has only been the NFL player of the month once. That was in 2008.

He was average in an era where quarterbacks are not allowed to be hit and receivers are not allowed to be bumped.

There are only two HOF quarterbacks with records below .500. One of them is Joe Namath (62-63-4). Can we agree Eli is no Broadway Joe?

The fact his last name is Manning will help. He will get votes. He may even sneak into the Hall of Fame which is a win for the “OK is good enough” generation. But for the rest of us we still think our boy bands should dance.

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