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Pats Crush The Dolphins. How does this involve Creed Bratton?

WHOA baby this defense! The Dolphins had a tough time catching the football, but the blanket coverage and constant pressure that New England drew up made it a long day for Miami. The incredible thing (amongst all of the incredible things about the Pats’ defense through two games) is that even in the heat and humidity, they never had a breakdown.

Not to be diminished either when you take into account that in the stretch in the second half when back to back Miami drives ended in a pick-6, the New England D was on the field for almost 30 minutes in real time.

How much does Bill Belichick love this defense? Back to back weeks, up 30 and 43 points, he called time-outs inside of 10 seconds left to make sure his personnel was correct so they didn’t allow a garbage touchdown. Most teams would just as well like to get the game over, but Belichick realizes that the Patriots haven’t given up a touchdown since the 4th quarter of the AFC championship game. That’s 12 quarters without allowing anybody to enter the end zone and just 6-points total.

Antonio Brown was in the rhythm of the offense in the first half, but in the second half it appeared Brady forced a few throws in the red zone to AB. A lot of potential, but there will be some growing pains.

I was surprised to see the Patriots throwing the ball with just over 2-minutes left, especially Brady’s longest completion of the day to Rex Burkhead which set up the final touchdown. I thought Belichick might call the dogs off on former assistant coach Brian Flores, but I think the scars from the Miami Miracle last season were too much. Belichick wasn’t taking any chances.

Matthew Slater had an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and Devin McCourty was called for a personal foul. Read that back. I’d wager to say you’ll probably never see either of those two things happen again, let alone both taking place within one game.

Philip Dorsett is a more acrobatic Danny Amendola.

Philip Dorsett is everything we thought Brandon Lloyd would be.

Philip Dorsett is firmly in Tom Brady’s circle of trust.

Philip Dorsett is like Creed Bratton. Might only have one line in an episode (one catch in a game) but it’s always quality and your reaction is generally bemused surprise.

“Hey, look, it’s Creed!”

“Who was that? Dorsett? Wow.”


Patriots have outscored opponents 76-3 this season, the best differential a defending Super Bowl champion ever has had through two games.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins are tied for the 2nd-worst point differential (-92) and 2nd-most points allowed (102) through 2 games in NFL history.


New England Patriots Thru first 2 games in Team History:

Most point scored

2019 - 76 points

2007 - 76 points

Fewest points allowed

2019 - 3 points

1986 - 9 points

Fewest points allowed - BB era

2019 - 3 points

2008 - 20

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