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The NFL Needs To Investigate The Shenanigans By The Pats With This Antonio Brown Signing

Antonio Brown is a great Wide Receiver. He's also a knucklehead. Or at least he has been acting like one lately.

For example he knuckleheaded ( if that's a word) his way out of Oakland without even playing a game there. To the surprise of absolutely nobody, he ended up in New England about 30 seconds after he was eligible to sign with a new team.

So, one of the best players in the NFL gets released and signed by the Patriots in the span of 2 hours? Nothing to see here.

I would be very curious to see the call logs on Belicheck's phone, but of course we know what happens to phones in New England when you ask to see them for an investigation.

This whole thing stinks to high heaven. I believe there is very little chance this mess was all handled above board. But, I guess because his helmet now features a Patriots logo, it's no longer an issue. Do we really believe that after he was released by Oakland an offer and a contract were hammered out in 2 hours? No way. This was being orchestrated for weeks. Just another scandal waiting to happen in Foxboro.

As always the Pats and their fans will just deny it all and beat their chests with their " they hate us , cuz they ain't us" mantra. So I, along with millions of other people will wait patiently and hope that this blows up in their face. At the very least to ensure the integrity of the shield, the Commissioner, good ol Goodell, should demand phone records and email traffic from New England.But I won't hold my breath.

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