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Some fans don't let facts change their opinions

I am not a big fan of Facebook but from time to time it's perfect for a heated sports debate.

A Patriots fan posted that he was ready for the season and another Super Bowl win. He then pondered if the Cowboys would make the playoffs.

Cowboys fans are touchy because they know in their hearts that their team has been largely irrelevant for a quarter century.

One such fan turned this into an argument about how the Pats are only good because of the weak AFC East.

While I agree that division is a bunch off bums almost every year, it really has no bearing on the greatest dynasty the NFL has or will ever see. Here's the debate.

Cowboy Fan: I suppose you think the Pats would end up 13-3 if they played in the NFC also?

Pats Fan: At least.

Cowboy Fan: You know better. I was just stating a fact about the crappy Patriots division.

Know it all Sports Chowdah guy sticks his nose in.

Jeff Solari: The Pats kick the crap out of everyone in the NFL.

From NBC Sports. "While the Patriots' 86-24 record against the AFC East is staggering, their winning percentage (134-44, .753) against everyone else is the best in the NFL, while they have 25 more non-division victories than any other team. "

Since 2001:

Conference Win - Loss

AFC 192 - 67 0.741

NFC 63 - 22 0.741

Jeff Solari One more... overall division records 2002- 2018.

AFC East 462-434.

NFC East 445-450.

AFC east does better against the league than the NFC East. Most of credit to the Pats.

When I get rolling its hard to shut me up.

Cowboys fan: I'm saying if you had to play in the NFC year in and year out things would be different

Jeff Solari: Vast majority of years the AFC is actually superior to the NFC head to head. Since 2002 the NFC has only had a winning record against the AFC just 4 times.

At this point a Philly fan flies in. They have exactly one Superbowl win in a half century, but it was against New England so they think they have life figured out.

Eagles Fan: The Patriots have losing record against NFC teams in the Superbowl and regular season. 5-7 record against Philly and Dallas, 4-6 against Washington and 6-4 against Giants so yes regular season your better then one team in the NFC East

And he adds what he thinks is a mic drop:

Eagles fan: You guys don't even have a winning record against Miami

Oh. Ouch. You got me. I won't enjoy the unveiling of banner #6 at all now.

Jeff Solari Great stats. But they also take into account all 60 years of Patriots history. Of which are more than half the Patriots were terrible. The discussion is really from 2000 on.

So since 2000 the Patriots are 13 and 3 against the NFC East.

Cowboy fan : I was just saying in general if you played NFC teams 13 or 14 times a year it’s a difference. By and large just tougher teams to play against week in and week out

OK. Time for me to deliver the knockout punch.

Jeff Solari Here's the Pats vs. The NFC overall the last two decades.

2000's: 34-10

2010's: 18-8

Total: Pats are 52-18 vs NFC in the regular season since 2001. With 6 Superbowls.

Crickets. They must have all blocked me or switched over to Instagram.

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