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Double Feature: Do Your Job Part III  & America’s Game

Wednesday night on NFL Network featured the greatest double feature since KFC and Taco Bell started cohabitating. Do Your Job has become a signature special for the New England Patriots where not only Bill Belichick, but the entire coaching staff break down big decisions and play calls from the inner sanctum of the coaches offices.

This year’s edition focused on the relationship between Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels. The line that stuck out to me was from this year’s ring ceremony (because in New England you have to specify which ring ceremony you mean) when Bill said “Josh, I’m glad you didn’t go to Indianapolis.” It’s something that has been left unsaid, but being a fly on the wall for this ceremony and hearing Bill Belichick be to candid was footage I didn’t think existed.

The bond between Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels is fascinating when you look at it through the prism of the ESPN documentary Two Bills, which was dedicated to the rocky relationship between Bill Belichick and his most famous coaching mentor, Bill Parcells. Knowing the dysfunction that those two endured over their 3-stops together and the way that Belichick and McDaniels have been able to endure for almost 20 years makes you believe that Belichick wanted different when he became the teacher.

The line of the show is at the beginning when Bill and Tommy are standing outside the ring ceremony with Gisele and Linda Holliday (don’t ask me why I’m on a first name basis with everybody except Linda Holliday. We’re just not there yet.) There is a close up of Bill’s hands, resplendent with all 7 rings (he hadn’t gotten #8 yet) and he says to Tom “I even brought the loser rings.” The loser rings. Talk about a champagne problem, that you have so many rings, that some are regarded as the loser rings.

America’s Game stole the night for me. The annual feature on the previous season’s champion is a staple of NFL Films programming. I was first introduced to America’s Game in a very dark time, the Pats had just lost Super Bowl 42 and my buddy Anthony Stewart, aka Twan, let me borrow his box set of the 3 Patriots episodes.

I watched the trilogy 3 times and it helped me start to heal my wounds. The format is that 3 key players move the story along with their commentary, this year saw Gronk, Edelman and both McCourty’s. However, I think John Cena sort of stole the show. The West Newbury, Massachusetts native narrated the film and did a tremendous job. You couldn’t see him, but his voice was a natural for such a feature.

I only have one question from a wonderful night of entertainment:

How in the world does E-Rod have 17 wins?

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