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The most loyal or dumbest fan ever

Ha ha ha ha ha. I am easily amused by the stupidity of others. Seriously, this nitwit got this big ol tattoo on his leg recently. I admire his team loyalty. But it was a waste of money and ink.

I'm glad the technology to remove ink has come a long way because there is no way that people from that crummy city are going to be celebrating on Feb 02, 2020 in Miami. Nada. Zilch. Zip. Zero.

Look, I get how desperate they are for a winning team and I think this year the Browns should be above .500.

I love my OU boy Baker Mayfield. OBJ is a nice addition.

But let's be clear. They are still a couple of years away.

They have a head coach who has never even been a coordinator. If the Browns meet the Hooded Genius and TB 12 in the playoffs, it will be a 30 point blowout in favor of the defending champs.

In fact if the Browns win Super Bowl LIV, I'll go to Diversified Ink and get a Browns Super Bowl Champs tattoo for myself. For real. Ink that in.


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