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Here's a Hall of Fame Idea: Build a new Fenway for the Sox and move the Baseball shrine to Bosto

A friend of mine, we'll call him Jim, recently shared photos on social media of his trip to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. I was about to compliment him on his ability to edit his photos together in a split screen manner when I realized it wasn't a split screen.

He had spent several hours in a car and likely a hundred bucks or so on a ticket that placed him directly behind a pole. His view was horribly obstructed by a beam in this dinosaur of architectural ingenuity.

It's 2019. Why are MLB teams, the Red Sox specifically, continuing to play in old relics like Fenway? It's absurd on every level. Never mind the other silly gimmicks that this dump employs like a 37 foot wall, a wiffleballesque right field foul pole and a silly seat in centerfield that is a different color from all the rest.

Add in the dungeon like feeling you get in the concession area and it's like you have been transformed back to the 1920's. Fenway park is straight garbage. The City of Boston and the Red Sox should be ashamed to play in such a relic, while 90% of their opponents enjoy the spoils of modern conveniences, like unobstructed views, affordable club level seating and fair outfield wall sizes and distances.

It's long past time for Boston to build something new. Something modern. Something not gimmicky. A friend of mine has long suggested, and I agree, that Fenway Park should be shelved and the Baseball Hall of Fame should be moved form the middle of nowhere of Cooperstown to Fenway Park in Boston.

If Boston doesn't want to build their beloved Sox a new stadium, then I heard there's a city in Canada that is just begging for a team. The Montreal Red Sox. Yeah, I think that has a ring to it.

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