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7 Vets You Forgot Failed in Foxboro

It’s exciting when the Patriots bring in a veteran, the idea is the former star player comes to New England and get a chance at a ring before the sunset gets ridden off into.

However, most of the time in Foxborough, it doesn’t seem to work out that way and big name veterans don’t last much past training camp.

In chronological order, here are 7 names that you probably forgot ever had a cup of coffee at 1 Patriot Place.

John Lynch- signed August 13th, 2008- Released September 1st. Retired.

Not going to lie, I was really excited about this one. Rodney Harrison was at the end of his run, and I always admired John Lynch. Bucs fan Aaron Jackson tried to tell me that there was nothing left there, but I wouldn’t listen. Lynch never played a regular season game for the Pats.

Joey Galloway- Signed March 2009- Released October 20th.

Galloway was 38 when the Patriots signed him, and in 2007 had over 1,000 receiving yards and 6 touch downs. I hoped it would work, but Galloway was coming off a disappointing 2008 in Tampa. Expectations weren’t high, but Joey G. only roped in 7 catches on 20 targets and was cut in October. Word was, Galloway just couldn’t understand the playbook. He’d play one more season in Washington before calling it quits before his 40th birthday.

Torry Holt- 2010 signed April $1.7m- Cut August 18th

This one surprised me that there was just nothing left. Over 50 catches and more than 700 yards the year before in Jacksonville made it seem like this former cast member of the Greatest Show on Turf could turn the clock back with Tom Brady. He couldn’t and didn’t make it very deep into training camp. Holt signed a one-day contract the following spring with the Rams.

Albert Haynesworth- traded to NE July 28th, signed to 2-year $8.7m deal. Released November 8 2011

One of the biggest knuckleheads on the 2000’s, I was all in on Belichick giving Haynesworth the Corey Dillon/Randy Moss Last Chance U treatment. This just never worked, Haynesworth looked disinterested during his time in Foxborough, had zero impact and was released in November. I don’t think he was upset.

Joseph Addai- Signed May 5th $1.38m- Cut July 25, 2012

The Patriots signed Addai two days after his 29th birthday but the former Colt was coming off of two injury riddled seasons. I was cautiously optimistic that Addai could inflict some of the pain on Indy that he had previously brought the Patriots. (Namely the 2006 AFC title game.) How bad did Addai have to look in those first days of camp for Belichick and Company to send him packing so quickly? Pretty damn bad.

Reggie Wayne- August 24th 2015 signed 1 year $3m, asked for his release September 5th.

I wanted this to work, it would have been cool to see Wayne thrive in a Patriots uniform. I was completely convinced that Wayne was a Fitzgerald-type receiver who didn’t really age and could add to a team who was coming off of a Super Bowl. Old feuds die hard, I don’t think Wayne was every comfortable playing for the enemy. Don’t forget in all those big games, it was Wayne that was getting man handled by Ty Law, Lawyer Milloy and Rodney Harrison. (Though Bill Polian took it harder.)

Eric Decker- 2018 One year deal August 2nd, announced retirement August 28th.

The Pass Catching Class of 2010:

Rob Gronkowski (Retired)

Dez Bryant (Retired, he just doesn’t know it yet)

Eric Decker (Retired)

Demaryius Thomas (????????)

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